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01 – Embracing God’s Culture of Rest – Tom Jameson

From the moment of creation, God instilled a pattern – a rhythm – of work and rest for our lives. How well do we embrace that? In a continuation...

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02 – The Importance Of Sabbath Rest – Tom Jameson

The idea and principle of Sabbath keeping is often incredibly difficult for ministry leaders to put into practice. Like Martha, the many good and necessary things of life can...

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03 – Soul Healthy Habits – Heart Exam – Tom Jameson

Just as we need a sense of our physical condition to know when we need a doctor, we must regularly assess the condition of our heart to stay in...

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04 – The Loneliness Factor – Tom Jameson

Pastoral ministry can be very rewarding but feel very lonely. In this episode of Hope Renewed, we look at the realities and dangers of isolation in ministry and explore...

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05 – The Trust Factor – Tom Jameson

An exit from ministry can cause trust to become a debilitating issue for pastors. In this episode of Hope Renewed we explore some signs to look for that trust...

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06 – The Perception Gap – Tom Jameson

Misunderstandings in ministry are all too common. What you say and what others hear can be two completely different things! How aware are you of that possibility, and the...

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07 – Human By Design – Tom Jameson

Sometimes we need to be reminded of basic truths about ourselves so we can be freed and encouraged to serve God with great joy. In this episode of “Hope...

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08 – Zack Eswine – Part 1 of 2

PIR Ministries is happy to welcome Dr. Zack Eswine to our Board of Directors. We sat down with Zack and asked his perspective on the ministry of PIR and...

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09 – Zack Eswine – Part 2 of 2

In the second part of our conversation with new PIR Board member Dr. Zack Eswine, he shares insight and encouragement for pastors and ministry leaders from his experience in...

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10 – Time for a Hope Check – Tom Jameson

Everyone in ministry has great hopes because we serve a great God! But what happens when the plans, programs and people you invest in fall well short of your...

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