28 – Journeying in the Wilderness – Joe Chambers

Joe Chambers is on a journey.  A self-described “pilgrim on his way home to the Kingdom of the Heaven”, Joe shares a story of the highs and lows of pastoral ministry, and the restorative nature of God’s grace. Join us a we walk with Joe through his experience and discovery of the depths of God’s…

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16 – A Story of Renewal and Restoration – Part 2 – Jim Amandus

Where does a pastor find hope and healing when life and ministry bring disappointment, discouragement and even displacement? In the arms of God’s grace as expressed in the Body of believers. Join us as we continue our conversation with Dr. Jim Amandus, the first Pastor In Residence. Jim shares how the local church can be…

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15 – A Story of Renewal and Restoration – Part 1 – Jim Amandus

What does a pastor look like after a season of renewal and restoration? In this episode of Hope Renewed we talk with Dr. Jim Amandus, the first pastor to walk through the Pastor In Residence process. As a PIR, Jim and his wife were welcomed into a Refuge Church, given opportunity to both engage in…

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