38 – Unhurried: Life at the Pace of Jesus – Alan Fadling

Many leaders are hurried, and hurry is costing them more than they realize. What if we were to rediscover the genius of Jesus’ unhurried way of life and leadership? Great leadership grows in the soil of good rest. This is the conviction Alan Fadling has found in his quest to live and minister from the fullness of life in Jesus. Join us as we discuss living life at the pace of Jesus and what it means to abandon the rush of doing ministry our own way and in our own strength, and surrendering to the rhythm of work and rest God has shown us.

Find out more about Alan’s ministry at Unhurried Living

Links to Alan’s Books:

An Unhurried Life: Following Jesus’ Rhythms of Work and Rest

An Unhurried Leader: The Lasting Fruit of Daily Influence

What Does Your Soul Love?: Eight Questions That Reveal God’s Work in You

The Way of Presence: The Empowering Reality of God-With-Us

Inhaling Grace: A 60-Day Unhurried Living Devotional

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