23 – The Big Deal About Small Churches – Chris Vitarelli

Studies indicate that upward of 85% of Protestant churches in the US have less than 200 members. This means many (if not most) pastors are serving in small context ministries, which bring unique challenges and stresses. An Author and Conference Leader, Pastor Chris Vitarelli has served in small (or “ordinary”) church contexts for over 20 years and has a passion to serve those who also minister in this context. We talk with him about his experiences, specific challenges of being in small church ministry, the vision for the Small Church BIG Deal Conference and book, his insights into staying healthy in small church ministry, what we all can learn from small church ministry and why there are BIG advantages to serving in a small church.

Links to Chris’s resources:

· The book: Small Church BIG Deal

· The Conference: Small Church BIG Deal

· Chris’s Author Page

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