41 – Shame and the Pastor – Mike Gorr

Shame. It’s the lie that says, “You’re worthless. You’re a mistake.” It can get to the root of our being and poison our lives. Pastors and ministry leaders face unique battles with shame even as they hold out the Word of life that heals. What is it about shame that is so devastating? When and how does it attack? What are some ways those in ministry can unmask shame, build “shame resilience”, finding freedom and renewal? Join us as we talk with Pastor Mike Gorr (D.Min.) whose own confrontation with shame became the focus of his doctoral work and the basis of a new and healthy way of ministering God’s grace!

Resources Referenced

Brené Brown’s “Men, Women and Worthiness”

Curt Thompson’s “The Soul of Shame”

Gershen Kaufman’s “Shame: The Power of Caring”

Robert McGee’s “The Search for Significance”

John Trent’s “People Fuel”

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