Conflict hurts!

According to our guest Dr. Daniel Borg, conflict “divides people, destroys careers, devastates friendships, and distracts churches from their God-given mission. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Jesus called His followers to unity, forgiveness, and reconciliation.” Sit with us as we talk with fellow PIR Regional Director Dan Borg, who has studied, taught and lived out conflict management.

In this episode we discuss:

· Why is church conflict so prevalent? Is it inevitable? Can it be avoided?

· What’s a helpful perspective to have about conflict in the church?

· Why do pastors struggle with managing conflict? Why do so many seem to get conflict “wrong”?

· What happens to the church and to the pastor when conflict goes unaddressed and/or unmanaged?

· What is a healthy role for a pastor to take in church conflict?

· What should a pastor do when they realize they have been/are managing conflict poorly?

· What should a pastor do when they are overwhelmed by conflict and want to give up?

· How do you deal with difficult people and those who create/thrive on conflict?

· How do you know when to get outside help?

Resources mentioned in this podcast:

v Watch the Managing Conflict Videos

v Check out Dan’s Book When Christians Clash

v Contact  Dr. Daniel Borg

v Sean mentions Edwin Friedman’s book A Failure of Nerve

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