73 – Sabbatical Planning – Karl Vaters

73 — Sabbatical Planning — Karl Vaters

Karl Vaters

Karl Vaters joins Tom and Sean to Talk about his Sabbatical and why they are important for pastors. Karl Worked with Sean to plan his sabbatical and he shares that experience and how it helped his whole sabbatical be more helpful.

About Karl Vaters:

Karl produces resources for Helping Small Churches Thrive at KarlVaters.com.

His heart is to help pastors of small churches (up to 90 percent of us) find the resources to lead well, and to capitalize on the unique advantages that come with pastoring a small church – something virtually every pastor will spend at least some of their ministry years doing. He also believes that big and small churches can and should work together more often – to the benefit and blessing of everyone.

Karl also hosts a bi-weekly podcast, The Church Lobby: Conversations on Faith & Ministry (Formerly, Can This Work in a Small Church?).

Show Notes:

For more on Karl Vaters’s sabbatical listen to this episode on The Church Lobby Podcast:

Ep 055: What I Learned By Taking A Sabbatical, with Karl Vaters

For our previous conversation with Karl, check out Episode 35 — Thriving in Small Church Ministry

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