Thriving in the Crucible – Tod Bolsinger


Challenge. Change. Conflict. Sabotage. Whatever you may call it, the critical times of growth in ministry demand a set of leadership skills that aren’t taught in seminary or come naturally. “Faith leaders are mostly trained to be teachers and chaplains, but a rapidly-changing, continually-disruptive world requires that they also become skilled at leading change when there are few best practices. Many leaders are growing frustrated and losing heart.” This is the conviction that pastor, author, and leadership expert Tod Bolsinger (Canoeing the Mountains, Tempered Resilience) brings to the table. Join us for a fascinating, insightful, and instructive conversation about ministry and how to develop resilience to thrive in the call God has given you.

Show Notes:

The De Pree Center at Fuller Seminary

AE Sloan Leadership

Tod Bolsinger Interview Transcript

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