What has it been like for you leading and ministering in this COVID season? Ministry can be stressful enough under normal circumstances. Add to it the weight and wait under which your ministry is currently being carried, and it can be a recipe for depression, frustration and burnout. How can you retain strength, vitality and resiliency in these difficult times? We sit down with Denny Howard of Full Strength Network, a partner in ministry with PIR. Denny walks us through the different types of stress faced by pastors and ministry leaders, gives us insights into identifying the often dangerous effects stress can cause, and equips us with healthy strategies to do well in difficult times. This timely episode provides much needed perspectives and truths to rise above the weights and waits, and minister fully in the strength Christ provides!

Links to resources in this episode:

Full Strength Network

Denny’s book At Full Strength

The free At Full Strength Workbook

Life and Ministry Domains Assessment

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